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Windows MC wont load? W10 Pro 1809 OS 17758.4


Apologies - English only..

I have just installed V8.8.2.

Installed - InstallerBLUE.cmd of V8.8.2

Then Windows 10 forced upgrade to 1809 OS Build 17758.4

When I launch WMC the 'active Windows Circe' whirs around - then nothing...

Can you please advise as to what I can do to install WMV.

I have tried launching ehshell.exe from C:windows/ehome/ - does not work.

Is there anything I can do to launch / test WMC please?





The WMC installation was (and always is) broken by any Windows 10 upgrade. In that case, you'll have to uninstall by using uninstaller.cmd of 8.8.2 and re install it only after that